online booking mini convention Arad

The budget for the special trips depends on the number of participants (the more participants, the more special trips/vehicles). PLEASE WAIT WITH THE BOOKING OF TRAINS/FLIGHTS/HOTELS UNTIL WE CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION BY SENDING YOU THE INVOICE. As always, there will be meeting points with travel information together with the detailed programme shortly before the convention. Line or track plans will be sent later as a download link. All documents (including the list of participants) will be sent to you electronically by email.
We can mini conventionsonly do ours if enough participants come along. As soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, the registered participants will be notified. If the maximum number of participants is exceeded, we will no longer accept registrations.
We can only accept registrations from non-members if the above surcharge has been chosen. Please wait for the participation confirmation / invoice (beginning of May 2020). After transfer of the conference fee a refund is excluded (before that a cancellation is possible free of charge)! The following applies to all of oursmini conventions: Hotels/food/arrival and departure as well as tickets on site are not included in the conference price! The prices listed here are valid from February 2020 (we reserve the right to raise these prices for late bookers). The suburban program will be conducted by Verband Deutscher(tour Verkehrs-Amateure Lars F. Richter, Hamburg). At the night conference we expect few participants, therefore the price of this program item is a little higher (but includes the transfer to Targu Jiu by minibus or by rental car - if necessary a partial refund). We recommend travelling by plane to Timisoara or by train to Arad (e.g. from Bucharest or Budapest). With the train journey one can complement these mini conventionideally with further destinations along the route...
You must book your accommodation yourself! We recommend booking a hotel in the city centre. For your hotel reservations we have the following recommendation (Attention: please book your accommodation only AFTER receiving our confirmation of participation / invoice ... in the event that it may not be possible to take place mini conventiondue to too few registrations): Continental Forum Arad. If there are no more rooms available on online services such as HRS or, it is worthwhile calling up the hotel's own website (often additional rooms can then be booked there). It is best to choose a reservation with a free cancellation option.
On ours mini conventionswe usually have 20-25 participants (so that it remains clear and the photo stops on the special trips can be kept short).