new museum car in Lodz

The museum association KMST (runs the museum in the old depot Brus) has finished the car 1038 (ex MKT 38 ex Innsbruck 38 ex Bielefeld 805 ex 225) externally as new museum car 805 (Bielefeld). Paweł Kaźmierczak photographed the car during a special night trip at the end of November for the upcoming temporary farewell of the SL41 (which will be completely modernized) on 11/15/16/2019. The car does not belong to the series ex-Bielefeld cars, which were stationed in the depot Brus from 1990 (and first used by the MPK and later by the TP from there), but is from the same series. As car 38 it was used for a long time by the MKT, but was also used recently by the MPK as 1038 on the SL43 (the main line of the Bielefeld GT6). 4-038 might also have been a good car number for him... The first number of the four-digit car numbers shows the depot (1 = Telefoniczna, 4 = Brus), only earlier the hyphen was painted on.

Here are some pictures taken during the repainting in the depot Chocianowice, where he is currently living (the museum Brus is unfortunately cut off from the net).